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Veiik Airo Pod Kit Review (Vaping With Class)



what is going on ladies and gentlemen

welcome back to vape steady hashtag

program vape reviewers don't even really

know where you will get steady honesty

today ladies and gentlemen we are going

to be taking a look at the week arrow

power device this is the first pot

device I believe they've released I know

they got a newer one out right now but

this is the arrow kit really classy

really just overall nice pod device I'll

give you guys the rundown when we take

it down to the bottom we'll take a

closer look at it I'll give you guys all

the specifications the features to this

pod to place itself then we'll bring it

back on top I'll give you all my final

thoughts on it but I wanted to say right

now that I really am enjoying this

little guy this is a really nice pod

device and it comes with a special

feature for a more restricted vape that

you can use so without further ado

ladies and gentlemen let's flip it to

the bottom alright ladies and gentlemen

this is it the Veeck Thoreau kit now the

color you see on the front is rainbow so

the color you buy will appear on the

front of the packaging this is a 360 mAh

battery it does have an airflow sensor

which I will show you guys what that is

in a second when we take a look at the

device itself fillable tanks always a


authentic flavor which this little guy

does have good flavor for a pod voice on

the back you got the specifications

which I will post right there

you got the contents of the packaging

let's take a look at it now I want to

mention this real quick to open this box

is a pain in the neck you're not going

to be able to grab it from both sides

like this just kind of pull out one side

and it will open up for you that's what

a pot is gonna go obviously right here

inside of this box you're gonna get

extra pot as one already does come

pre-installed and a USB cable for

charging right here is QC pass this

little guy right here is giving some

information about the pod device which

we are gonna go over though and this is

your user manual now right here is the

information now this is written in

different languages actually so the very

second page is going to tell you about

their charging for the device when the

LED light is red that means it is time

to charge because it is at ten to thirty


when it is at white that means it's

fully charged somebody they're 100

percent and when it's blue that means

it's about thirty to seventy percent but

when you see this device in red that

means it is time to charge it and when

it is finished charging the LED light

will just stay white okay so this is the

pod device right here on top you guys

can see it says arrow which I don't

think that's engraved I think that's

just white paint very very nice and

leather on both sides which I don't

think is real leather but still it is

really really nice down here at the

bottom I would have liked it better if

they would have put arrow right down

there at the bottom because they do have

Veeck written down at the bottom on this

side so I think that would have been

nice so just my opinion this is prism

rainbow I'm not a fan of prism I mean

I'm not really a fan of rainbow it's not

gonna stop me from using this device

because I do really really like it a lot

but I'm not a fan of prism and I'm not a

fan of rainbow it's just way too many

fingerprints not a fan of it at all I

really like the brushed stainless

Rainbow like they have on a Joyetech SP

on infinity

that is a really nice rainbow color it

doesn't really pick up fingerprints and

just not a fan of prism but for some

reason there's just a lot of prism

devices coming out now this is your pod

right here and as you guys can see there

is a little arrow right there you just

pull up on that tab which it does come

completely off it is not connected to

the pod itself your bottles will fit us

out of here perfectly you ain't got to

squeeze them in it does hold 1.2

milliliters of a juice and it only goes

in one way

as you can see because the device is

actually at an angle so this pod is only

gonna fit in one way you can see the LED

light right down here at the bottom

which has a rubberized feel to it really

smooth really nice right here is the USB

port for charging which is also your air

flow and right here is the little hole

that was talking about now you can plug

this hole right here for a more

restricted vape which i think is really

really awesome

I actually like vaping in like that it's

actually pretty nice okay so this is

what it looks like next to the small ns8

pod device as you can see it's a lot

taller really nothing to compare to but

this is what it looks like next to the

smoke Nord none like the Nord this one

is actually pull activated but it is

close to the same height but it is a lot

thinner the sides actually look a lot


so that's pretty much it guys take it

back on top vape on it and we will

discuss it our ladies and gentlemen that

is the peak air okay let's have a vape

okay so like I was telling you there is

a little hole on the side that you could

plug for a more restrictive eight

all right so this is what I will say

it's not so much of a lung hit it's more

of a throat hit it's a really good throw

him now when you do plug that hole you

do you do get more of a restrictive vape

which I still like I like it both ways I

actually like it a little bit more with

the hole plugged off I feel the best way

to vape it with the hole plugged off is

if you're right-handed just plug it with

your thumb hit it like that or you could

plug it with your finger

no there could be odd ways of vaping it

you know depending on how you plug it

what hand you're using this is a really

good pod to voice it it's really classy

it is really elegant they do have

different colors you get 1.2 million

liters of e-liquid which is not bad for

a pod device call you holding up really

good the flavor is not bad although

you're not gonna be flavor chasing with

a pod device you get good flavor from

this pod the voice and the baby you get

from it is really good for a pod device

this is one of them type of power voices

that I would look at as like a high end

like a high end high power device really

classy you really need and I'm really

enjoying this pot device a lot and I

will say this the packaging is really

good the fact that you can refill them

yourself you're only look with that's a

huge huge Pro the fact that you get two

pods in the package that is a pro in

fact that they give you that option for

a more restrictive eight that is a pro

the battery life on is last a good

amount of time that is a pro the leather

feels really really nice in the hand

just feels it's just a nice pot device

you can even hold it like a cigarette

counter if you wanted to this is just a

really cool part of voice and I'm really

loving it really enjoying this part of

the voice speaking guys there's a really

good job on this so that's all ladies

and gentlemen thank you guys for tuning

in that is the Veeck aero kit awesome

powder voice I do highly recommend this

make sure you guys hit that like button

on the way out if you're not subscribed

to my channel be sure to hit that

subscribe button we are we are past the

hunter cave right now we are on our way

to 2k and we are on our way to three

four or five where you will see ten then

we're gonna see 20 we're gonna hit the

numbers thank you guys for watching I

couldn't do this without y'all much love

much respect

they open vape on I'm not

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